Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 2

So I hit my breaking point yesterday.  ALREADY!!!  But I didnt cheat! I made the Easy Peazy Cinnamon Muffins for breakfast.  The taste was good but the texture made it so I could barely get them down (I'm telling you, I love me my carbs!).  I ended up pouring some liquid whipping cream over them and that made them super tasty.

Then came lunch.  I am NOT a fan of the Oopsie Rolls.  Especially after baking a beautiful crusty loaf of bread for the rest of my family.  Major down moment!  I ate a few bites of my Oopsie sandwich and then was done.  I had some skinny chocolate that afternoon.  All through the day really!

Dinner was really good.  I made the baked chicken thighs, mashed cauliflower and steamed some broccoli.  Next time I won't mash the cauliflower.  It made it a little too "sweet" tasting for me.  We all love cauliflower plain so I will just stick with that.

For dessert I had some choco pudding.  To be honest, I wasn't really a fan.  I have no love for almond milk unfortunately.

Today is gong to be my first E day.

I'm having quinoa with 0% Greek yogurt and blueberries for breakfast

Lunch- Mexican Cottage cheese Salad

Dinner-  Hearty Green Soup

I'm going to go looking for some yummy looking E snacks. Favorites anyone?

The last two days I've only got in a little time on the kettle bells.  Today is going to be super busy so I don't expect much more than that today either.  I'm grateful for a quick good workout though!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Finally Starting!!!

I'm so excited!!!  Today is Day One of starting the Trim Healthy Mama way of life!  Hooray!!!

This is not going to be that easy for me.  While I'm so impressed with the vast array of delicious looking recipes and the flexibility portrayed in the book, I am a HUGE carb and sugar addict.  Even today I've had to stop myself many times from going for the candy bar, the crackers, the sugar drink.  Breaking the habit is going to be the hardest part!  My nunaturals stevia should arrive any day and I can't wait to have some HEALTHY sweet treats around!

Today is a S day.

Breakfast-  Fried eggs over caramelized onions ( super yum!)
Lunch-  BLT Salad ( super yum again!)
Dinner- Cheeseburger pie

This past month has been incredibly stressful with extended family stuff.  Many times I've found myself saying " Why can't I be one of those who LOSES weight with stress!".  Unfortunately that has not been the case.

I weighed in this morning at 173.8

I'm not going to worry about meeting certain weight loss goals at this time.  I'm planning on sticking with the eating plan, exercising daily and seeing how it goes!  I'm also going to confess all cheating  here so feel free to give me grief if I'm naughty!

Those of you who understand this diet better than me ( which is probably all of you!), please speak up and give me pointers at any time!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Yesterday I only drank 6 of my 8 glasses of water.  This is a huge struggle for me!  I will go most days not drinking ANY water.  I know that this is so bad or me!

I tried the Spew yesterday but couldn't repeat it!  It snuck up on me all of the sudden.  It didn't seem too hard until those last jump lunges!  There was NO WAy I could have repeated it!

I also did this workout for arms-

It was short, but HARD!  I love working my arms.  I'd rather do an arm workout that anything else.  Today my arms are dying!  They feel like jello!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Well, I got all of my water in yesterday and a ten minute momsintofitness workout.  Only ten minutes but I thought is going to DIE!  I've got some serious work ahead of me before I get into good workout shape again!

On a bad note, I'm afraid my original weight was at a good moment.  My weights yesterday and today are a couple pounds higher.  I'm still aiming for 165 as my first goal though.

I'm sooooo excited to get my book!  I had a good talk with my husband this morning and he is at a really supportive and willing to change some things place.  I'm so thankful!  He is incredibly healthy and amazingly fit so sometimes it is hard for him to see my position.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

To start out.....

This morning I weighed in at 173.8.

I may be super wimpy but I don't want to jump into something too fast and then burn out.

I've ordered my copy of Trim Healthy Mama and I'm soooo excited.  It probably won't arrive until near the end on January though. :(

I'm sure when that arrives I will have several big changes to make.  For now I'm most going to be focusing on exercising daily and drinking my water.

I know that sounds small, but I'm hoping to add more soon!

I'll be weighing more often at the beginning, just to get a feel for what my body is doing.

I've split my weight loss goals amongst my children (like Angie did!). Soooooo,  the goal is to lose eight pounds for each girl.

1.  Esther- 165
2.  Ella -  157
3.  Havilah-  149
4.  Bethany-  141
5.  Lydia - 133

My goal is to hit my Esther goal by Feb. 1.  Thanks for coming alongside me and encouraging me on my journey!


Okay Nataly!  You convinced me!

I've missed the accountability of you ladies and am super excited to get started again.  My incredible husband got me an iPad for Christmas (gasp!) so it hopefully will be much easier for me to jump on here for a quick update.

I'll be back soon with my goals and my starting point!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

End of Week 2

Hooray!  I just finished Day 12 which means.......... 12 days down, 18 to go.......... 12 days down, eight days until I start a new level........... 2 weeks down, only 3 more to go!!!!  Plus, I get tomorrow off!!!

I also got all of my juice in this week which means tomorrow I'll be enjoying breakfast with my family!

Huge praise of the day~  My husband was helping with our youth group's service project this morning and mid-way I get a call from him.  The funny thing was, when I saw his number I purposed to do my best, over-joyed to hear from you/ I'm so madly in love with you voice as I answered.  "Hi!  How are YOU doing?"  I answered dripping with sweetness.  "I'm fine," he answered.  "I'm in the ER".  Praise the Lord he has just badly cut his finger, but it should be just fine.  It's amazing to think how life changing this day could have been.  Please pray though for quick healing ( this man HATES to be held back from anything!) and that I will be the understanding, helpful and supportive wife he needs.  Thank you friends!